4 Careers for People Who Have a Degree in Math

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A career in mathematics usually involves the use of mathematics, statistics, and financial theories to assess risk and solve complex problems. Mathematicians have strong mathematical and communication skills in problem-solving.

Since there are many options for using math knowledge in the workplace, professional math will open up many lucrative career opportunities if you invest all you need to get a degree. Nowadays, you can find many high-paying jobs for mathematicians on the Internet. This article will tell you about four well-paid jobs for people with a mathematics degree.

Computer Programmer

A programmer is a person who develops computer programs and creates them based on codes and special mathematical models. It can be a game, a computer OS, an algorithm for a piece of household appliances, a web, or a mobile application. When creating programs, an individual uses a special programming language like Python, Java, C#, etc. Each programming language consists of certain letters and special characters. The average salary of a computer programmer is 85,000$.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is an employee of a company who analyzes and studies financial and production indicators and gives an opinion on the optimization of production and financial resources. A professional in the field of analytics examines the organization’s economic activity, evaluates the management of financial flows, determines the boundaries of financial stability, and minimizes risks. A professional is also involved in studying the securities market and tracking trends in the global economy. The average salary of a financial analyst is 83,000$.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are specialists who apply a set of methods to process large amounts of information. They process and analyze large arrays of structured or unstructured data using the methods of statistical analysis and the construction of mathematical models, find hidden patterns, and make predictions to improve the effectiveness of business decisions, social interactions, and scientific research. The goal is to draw clear conclusions. The average salary of a data scientist is 118,000$.


Being an economist is one of the most automated career paths for a mathematician. Market analysis is almost 100% analytical; by watching the markets, you can determine how they might move. As an economist, if you create a CV, you can work in a think tank and research a company for political reasons, or you can work for a company and help your line manager to increase profits.  The average salary of an economist is 98,500$.

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