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How to Convert 1.3 Lbs to oz 10% in Less Than One Hour

This conversion kit has everything you need to convert one pound of liquid material to one pound of solid material by using a miniaturized electrolysis system. The electrolysis system is not as complex as it sounds. It is a conversion kit that uses a conversion catalyst coupled with a small electrical charge to transform solid material to a liquid.

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Electrolysis can be used to convert many different materials including but not limited to, gasoline, dairy products, and sugar. It can also be used to convert all of your unwanted weight gain back into good healthy lean muscle mass. By taking the time to learn how to perform the conversion correctly you can dramatically increase your metabolism and burn more calories and fat. Here’s how it works.

The electrolysis system is a conversion catalyst. It combines an oxidizing agent like hydrogen peroxide and an acid like potassium nitrate. When these two chemicals come together they produce energy. This energy is known as oxidation. Oxidation is what causes the breakdown of fat, muscle tissue and other organic matter for energy.

So now we know how this works. If you were to convert one pound of fat or muscle tissue to energy you would gain weight. If you converted all of that fat or muscle tissue back into energy you would lose weight. The only thing holding you back is that you would need to convert all of that organic matter back into a usable fuel for your vehicle. Converting one pound of organic material to usable fuel would be very difficult. So let’s look at how you would go about making that conversion.

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To convert one pound of material to usable fuel, you would need to use an Oxyhydrogen conversion catalyst. The catalyst would require some sort of heat in order for it to function properly. You might want to take a class in organic chemistry so that you understand what is involved. However, you can buy cheap OX gas from a company like Autopilot and it works great for the job.

There are a number of different brands of OX to choose from. Most people just go with the cheapest but there are other brands available on the internet. Make sure that the conversion catalyst you purchase is compatible with the vehicle that you plan on using it on. You don’t want to buy something that will not work on your make and model of vehicle. The OX conversion catalyst is the first step in the conversion process.

To use the OX gas in the conversion process, you would need to load the catalyst onto the fitting that allows you to attach it to your fuel tank. Then you would plug the fuel pump into the fitting so that you get instant fuel. Then you simply go ahead and start the fuel up the process by starting the engine. It will take quite some time to get the engine going. Once it does, you will see a number of numbers in front of the gas station register. This is the amount of miles it takes to burn one pound of fuel.

Once the engine is up and running, you will see that the conversion catalyst is now the source of the power that is needed to propel the vehicle forward. You can now take the pound of unleaded oil and put it in the fuel tank. This is all there is to this conversion. The whole process should only take about an hour to do or you can always get someone to come and do it for you. There are also kits available on the internet that you can use to complete the job for you.

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